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Recent USCF Tournaments in North Carolina

Tournament NameCityDatePlayersResultTournament Website
HS 1-18-21CHARLOTTEMonday, January 18, 202119USCF Crosstable-
ACC 1-16-21CHARLOTTESaturday, January 16, 202114USCF Crosstable-
WINTER 2021 CCCSA GM/IM NORM INVITATIONACHARLOTTEThursday, January 14, 202120USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 1-11-21CHARLOTTEMonday, January 11, 202110USCF Crosstable-
CHARLOTTE OPEN & SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, January 09, 2021299USCF Crosstablewebsite
ACC 1-9-21CHARLOTTESaturday, January 09, 202114USCF Crosstable-
HS 1-4-21CHARLOTTEMonday, January 04, 20218USCF Crosstable-
HOLIDAY 2020 CCCSA GM/IM NORM INVITATIONCHARLOTTESaturday, December 26, 202020USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 12-21-20CHARLOTTEMonday, December 21, 20208USCF Crosstable-
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENSCHAPEL HILLSunday, December 20, 202064USCF Crosstable-
2020 NORTH AMERICAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPSCHARLOTTESaturday, December 19, 202095USCF Crosstablewebsite
4TH PLAYERS CCCHARLOTTESaturday, December 19, 20203USCF Crosstable-
SAT 12-19-20CHARLOTTESaturday, December 19, 202012USCF Crosstable-
SKYLAND 56CHARLOTTEWednesday, December 16, 202014USCF Crosstable-
HUNTER BLITZ IX ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, December 16, 202014USCF Crosstable-
HS 12-14-20CHARLOTTEMonday, December 14, 20208USCF Crosstable-
CHESS MOMS AND TEACHERS PLAY 2ONLINESunday, December 13, 202013USCF Crosstable-
SAT 12-12-20CHARLOTTESaturday, December 12, 202014USCF Crosstable-
EXTRA GAMECHARLOTTESaturday, December 12, 20202USCF Crosstable-
LIGON LIGHTNING VIII ONLINERALEIGHMonday, December 07, 202012USCF Crosstable-
HS 12-7-20CHARLOTTEMonday, December 07, 20208USCF Crosstable-
ACC 12-5-20CHARLOTTESaturday, December 05, 202013USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FAIR PLAY OPEN 4 & SCHOLASTIC 10CHARLOTTESaturday, December 05, 2020186USCF Crosstablewebsite
2020 NC SENIORSBURLINGTONFriday, December 04, 202015USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA ONLINE NORM QUALIFIER 3CHARLOTTEFriday, December 04, 202021USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 11-30-20CHARLOTTEMonday, November 30, 20206USCF Crosstable-
THANKSGIVING 2020 CCCSA GM/IM NORM INVITCHARLOTTEWednesday, November 25, 202020USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 11-23-20CHARLOTTEMonday, November 23, 20207USCF Crosstable-
CHESS KINGS AND QUEENS G30 NOV 22CHAPEL HILLSunday, November 22, 202081USCF Crosstable-
ACC ONLINE 11-21-20CHARLOTTESaturday, November 21, 202010USCF Crosstable-
3RD PLAYERS CCCHARLOTTESaturday, November 21, 20205USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA: OTB K-12CHARLOTTESaturday, November 21, 202012USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - FRIDAY NOV 20 QCHARLOTTEFriday, November 20, 202014USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA ONLINE NORM QUALIFIER 2CHARLOTTEFriday, November 20, 202026USCF Crosstablewebsite
HUNTER BLITZ VIII ONLINERALEIGHWednesday, November 18, 202019USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA PROHIBITION 5 (OTB)CHARLOTTETuesday, November 17, 202020USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - MONDAY NOVCHARLOTTEMonday, November 16, 20208USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 11-16-20CHARLOTTEMonday, November 16, 20208USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA FAIR PLAY OPEN 3 & SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, November 14, 2020171USCF Crosstablewebsite
11-14-20CHARLOTTESaturday, November 14, 20209USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - FRIDAY NOV 13 QCHARLOTTEFriday, November 13, 202024USCF Crosstablewebsite
SKYLAND 55CHARLOTTEWednesday, November 11, 202021USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - MONDAY NOV 9 QUCHARLOTTEMonday, November 09, 202013USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 11-9-20CHARLOTTEMonday, November 09, 20206USCF Crosstable-
TOURNAMENT FOR A CAUSE 2020CHARLOTTESaturday, November 07, 202017USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - FRIDAY NOV 6 QUCHARLOTTEFriday, November 06, 202031USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA ONLINE NORM QUALIFIER 1CHARLOTTEFriday, November 06, 202030USCF Crosstablewebsite
HS 11-2-20CHARLOTTEMonday, November 02, 20209USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA SUPER SCHOLASTIC - MONDAY NOV 2 QUCHARLOTTEMonday, November 02, 202021USCF Crosstablewebsite